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Sarah Sorensen, Principal
Sarah has made a career out of helping companies engage stakeholders by developing and driving effective messaging, branding, and communications platforms. She has worked with B2B and B2C organizations on their marketing and sustainability strategies to ensure they are addressing the issues, pain points, and benefits that matter most, and communicating them in a way that maximizes the productivity of each interaction.
Her approach to any project is circumspect, as she strives to understand both the broad landscape in which the organization is operating and the specific objectives they need to reach, in order to create a plan that maximizes success. For instance, when developing a messaging platform, she researches the market, analyzes the competitive landscape, and conducts interviews to understand current perspectives to ensure the messaging platform she develops is truly differentiated and impactful. Working with her client, she then solicits and consolidates input from all relevant stakeholders to develop a messaging platform that can be used by all to create consistent, strong communications. She is adept at translating the technical into the easily understandable and boiling complex issues into digestable pieces to facilitate productive dialogues and drive consensus around the true value of a technology, program or initiative, which can be elevated in the platform.
She also has proven experience aligning business activities with sustainability objectives to ensure organizations are able to derive maximum value from their programs. During her tenure at Juniper Networks she created and led their Corporate Citizenship and Sustainability strategy and was a founding member of the company's Green Taskforce, which was chartered to drive energy efficiciency initiatives through the product portfolios. She is the author of "The Sustainable Network," and a blog, both published by O'Reilly. 
Sarah rounds out her expertise with a variety of consumer marketing positions, where she focused on brand development, product, Web, channel, corporate marketing, and public relations. Sarah works well as an individual contributor or as a member of a larger extended team, with a network of partnerships that she can bring to bear for projects as needed.

You can contact Sarah directly at  References available on request.

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