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Sustainability and Citizenship Consulting

A sustainable business is one that can create offerings that deliver ongoing value to all constituents. Minimizing environmental impacts, providing additive benefits to the communities in which the organization operates, and bringing to market solutions that solve real problems represent just a few of the sustainable business practices that leading organizations leverage to achieve their market positions. The benefits of sustainable business practices can be great, ranging from reduced operational expenses to greater overall efficiencies; from an implicit license to operate to employee recruitment, satisfaction and retention.

Sorensen Consulting can work with you to ensure your organization is adoping relvant best practices that can enhance both your business operations and opportunities. We can work with you to develop strategic Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives around Green IT, your operations, supply chain, HR practices, Inclusion and Diversity programs, and community outreach efforts that are tied to your business and help you deliver differentiated business value. We can also work with you on the communications plan that will help you create productive dialogues with key stakeholders, from customers and investors to employees and NGOs, to ensure you are getting the most value out of those relationships and effectively communicating your sustainable business strategies.

Strategic Communications

Adept at developing communications that resonate with your target audience (customers, partners, employees, investors, non-profits), Sorensen Consulting offers a full range of marketing and communication capabilities, including, but not limited to:

  • Marketing/Communications/Brand Plans
  • Change Management Plans
  • Messaging/Brand Platforms 
  • Presentations/Multimedia scripts
  • Videos
  • Data Sheets/Corporate Brochures/Application & Solution Notes
  • Articles/blogs
  • White Papers
  • Case Studies/Customer testimonials
  • Sales/Channel selling guides
  • Corporate Citizenship & Sustainability (GRI) reports

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